Health Tips


1.Walking backwards can ease back pain.When choosing to walk for exercise, we can choose to walk backwards, which can effectively relieve the pain in the waist, so that the waist muscles can get regular contraction and relaxation, accelerate the blood circulation, constantly enhance the speed of metabolism, relieve the waist muscle fatigue, also has a very good effect.

2. Health tips: Divide your daily exercise into two parts. For example, a 20-minute strength workout in the morning and a half-hour walk after dinner will double your metabolism.That means it's easier to burn calories in stages than in a single session.Taking 5 minutes every hour to walk around will also help.But don't fall into the trap of thinking that even a second of exercise will work.

3. Health tips: Pay attention to the rules of three meals, because now the pace of life is faster and faster, many people often eat this meal do not eat the next meal, so many people have stomach problems, a healthy balanced diet is very necessary, can effectively protect our stomach health, but also can prevent the occurrence of three higher diseases.


4. Keeping in good health knowledge, health action put both hands on your side to support the first, and then straight legs, feet together, tiptoe collide with each other, the greater the Angle of collision, the faster the better, the original can begin from 140, later can continue to increase, this method is simple, actually has a tight leg, strengthen the function of knee joint, moreover, is also helpful to our sleep and purge.



Soy isoflavones, which are found in legumes, are bioactive substances refined from non-transgenic soybeans. They are pure natural phytoestrogens, which can improve the estrogen level and prevent osteoporosis in women after menopause.When estrogen levels in the human body are too high, soy isoflavones will play a weak estrogen effect, reducing the risk of cancer caused by estrogen levels too high

Soya isoflavone effervescent tablets are easy to carry, easy to drink, and taste good, providing great help for women's physiological health