What are the benefits of vitamin C effervescent tablets?

The advantages and disadvantages of eating vitamin C every day.
We all know that many fruits contain a lot of vitamin C. Regular consumption will have a lot of benefits for our body. It will effectively help us improve our body’s immunity, and it also has the effect of beauty and beauty, but often many people will Drugs are used to supplement the vitamin C needed in the body, so what are the benefits of taking vitamin C for a long time? Will it cause any side effects? Let's take a look at the benefits of vitamin C effervescent tablets.
What are the benefits of vitamin C effervescent tablets?
1. Easy to store and carry.
2. The effervescent tablet disintegrates quickly, is convenient to take, and takes effect quickly.
3. High bioavailability, can improve clinical efficacy.
4. Especially suitable for children, the elderly and patients who have difficulty swallowing pills
5. The flavored effervescent tablet tastes better, and the good medicine is no longer bitter, making the patient more willing to accept it.
6. Because the large amount of foam produced by the disintegration increases the direct contact between the drug and the diseased part, and better exerts its curative effect, effervescent tablets are also used for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases.
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