Chinese herbal health care

Chinese herbal health care
What is Chinese herbal health care product?
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health care products refer to a series of health care products based on TCM theory, taking Chinese herbal medicine as raw material or adding Chinese herbal medicine extract.Natural health medicines are not suitable for diseases that require immediate treatment.Herbal supplements work more slowly than traditional medicine.Natural herbs do not interfere with the main functions of the body. They promote and improve health by regulating different systems in the body.
Health care medicine combined with a perfect diet and regular exercise can have a good fitness effect.Include plenty of fruits and green vegetables in your diet.These two things provide vitamins, minerals and fiber.Fiber helps to digest food properly.In order to better absorb these herbs, you should drink plenty of water every day.Water can help rid the body of toxins.
The so-called vitamin, simply as the name suggests is to maintain the normal physiological function of the human body and a necessary element.Vitamins are divided into many different types, but no matter which kind of vitamins, the amount of synthetic body is often not enough to meet the needs of the body, so we need to daily intake through food, for some special groups, such as pregnant women, the elderly, the amount of vitamins needed will be more than ordinary people.To prevent a range of vitamin deficiencies from damaging their health, many people now take vitamin supplements in tablets.
Vitamin C is a necessary organic compound to maintain health. It is mainly involved in substance metabolism and plays an important role in the process of human growth metabolism and development.Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy and other conditions.So Supplement vitamin C is very necessary.
Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets have many benefits.
1:Improve human immunity,
2:accelerate protein synthesis
3: promote metabolism
4:help to treat iron deficiency anemia
5:prevent arteriosclerosis