Health food,health care

Health food,health care
To further strengthen the awareness of health food
Health food is also called functional food.A specific food category.It has the effect of regulating human body function, but it is not for the purpose of treating diseases, and it is suitable for specific population to eat
"Health food registration and filing management method" since July 1, 2016 formally implemented, strict definition: a particular health food is claimed to have health care function or to supplement the vitamins, minerals, food, for the purpose of which is suitable for certain people to eat, have the function of regulate the body, not for the purpose of treating diseases, and to the human body does not produce any acute, subacute or chronic harm of food.Health food can be divided into two categories according to different food objects. One is targeted at healthy people, mainly to supplement nutrients and meet the needs of different stages of the life cycle.The other type is mainly supplied to people with problems in certain physiological functions, emphasizing its regulatory function in preventing disease and promoting recovery.
Apple cider vinegar is a beverage made of vinegar fermented from apple juice and mixed with apple juice and other raw materials.It's not seasoning in the kitchen.Apple vinegar mixed with apple juice makes the taste sour and sweet, which not only dispels the raw vinegar flavor of the original vinegar, but also contains the sweet aroma of fruit juice, so it tastes very refreshing.
1.Beauty to raise colour
2.Anti-fatigue, improve the body immunity
3.Healthy weight loss
4.Health care function
5.Prevent colds, supplement vitamins