Medicine and food are of the same origin !

Medicine and food are of the same origin !
No side effect Chinese Herbal health food
Health care products of traditional Chinese medicine refer to a series of health care products based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, taking Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials or adding Chinese herbal medicine extracts.
The traditional concept of "medicine and food are of the same origin" makes TCM naturally equipped with the conditions of becoming high quality health food.However, the development of Chinese medicine health food industry has not been able to meet the expectations.In the context of the rapid development of the big health industry, the development of traditional Chinese medicine health food has attracted more attention.How to take the ride of the big health industry, based on the big health industry, is the concern of the industry.
The theory of "medicine and food with the same origin" has a long history.From "Huangdi Neijing" in the Warring States period to "Bei Ji Qian Jin Yaofang" in the Tang Dynasty, the thought of "medicine and food are the same origin" is expounded.With the improvement of Chinese people's living standards, the concept of treating diseases with traditional Chinese medicine has been deeply rooted in people's hearts.Chinese medicine health care has been widely accepted.Compared with other kinds of health food, traditional Chinese medicine health food has natural cultural advantages.
The rapid growth of China's health food market brings unprecedented opportunities and challenges to Chinese medicine health food enterprises.It is extremely important to magnify advantages, make up for disadvantages, seize opportunities and focus on threats.
Zinc gluconate is a kind of medicine and fine chemical.It can participate in the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein, enhance the human immune ability, promote the growth and development of fetal, infant, infant.It is a medical zinc reagents.In the food industry as a nutritional supplement (zinc fortifier), can be added in milk substitutes
The flower of life lots of benefits Zinc Gluconate Effervescent Tablet:
1.Promote the growth and development of children,
2.Improve taste,
3.Increase appetite
4.Enhance the human body's ability to resist disease