The Secret Of TCM Health Preservation


The most important thing in TCM is to keep healthy, which is the most important condition for health and longevity.

Second, the second key to keeping fit is regular exercise.People who are sick need exercise, and people who are not sick need exercise to prevent it.At the same time of exercise, to strengthen the body, strengthen the will, promote digestion and circulation, enhance the purpose of immunity.


Third,Stay mentally, emotionally, and mentally healthy.Health preservation requires us to cultivate a healthy spirit and stable mood, so as to avoid mental extremes, psychological fluctuations, and emotional instability.According to the viewpoints of Chinese medicine, anger hurts the liver, happiness and sadness, thoughts hurt the spleen, sorrow the lung and fear to hurt the kidney, it is further explained that emotion and mental health care is an important link of human health. Among all the adverse factors affecting the human body, the one that can make a person die quickly is the bad emotion.People's mental state is normal, the ability of the organism to adapt to the environment and the ability to resist disease will be enhanced, so as to play the role of disease prevention.


Fourth, a healthy and balanced diet is also an essential element of health preservation.

The World Health Organization has identified four cornerstones of good health: balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy attitude.Balanced diet is the first choice of personalized scientific diet, check after partial diet to make up for lack of food, limit over food to achieve balanced diet -- different diseases with treatment.Personalized scientific diet therapy can prevent nearly 100 kinds of common mental and physical diseases and promote the rehabilitation of patients.



Promote cell metabolism, prevent arteriosclerosis, beauty.Vitamin C is the vitamin that human body place is necessary, to human body normal function, the function of viscera and cell, have very important meaning and action.

Vitamin C effervescent tablets are easy to drink, easy to carry, taste good, vitamin C supplement is the best choice.